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Using Dentistry to Improve Athlete Safety.

Sandfly Family Dental was proud to donate custom- fitted mouthguards to the Benedictine Cadets football team for the 2014 football season! Custom-made mouthguards provide stability to your jaw and cushion the blows that can cause severe dental injuries, like broken teeth, fractures in the jaw, gum lacerations and injuries to your lips or tongue caused by your own teeth.

2015 Canfield Mouth Shield Program

Each year, Dr. Angela Canfield will choose one school to sponsor by donating mouth guards. If you would like your school to be considered, please CLICK HERE to fill out a brief application on why your school should be chosen!

2014 Canfield Mouth Shield Program Winners – Benedictine Football Team

Please take a minute to watch the coverage of efforts in the local news…

Sandfly Family Dental Donates Custom-Fitted Mouthguards to Benedictine Football Team